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Weekly Superstars Bonus Contest

$100 for every 5 referrals in a week. This contest has been going strong for years!

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GDI Team Bonus

Join an existing team or start your own. The goal is for your team to get 25 or more converted signups during a calendar month in order to share in a $250 bonus. 50 signups in a month could earn your team $500, and it keeps building from there up to $2500!

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GDI Learning Bonus

GDI will pay you $25 for completing all steps in the GDI Learning Bonus. This is a great way to learn how to be successful with GDI while getting paid at the same time!

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GDI Duplication Bonus

For every 10 directly referred new customers that earn their $25 Learning Bonus, GDI will pay the original sponsor $250!

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